Monday, June 23, 2008

Standing Strong

So six days ago was Evan's 4 month mark. He recently learned to roll over from his back to his stomach. Which is great, but he doesn't like to be on his stomach. So he rolls to his stomach and then he gets agitated because he hasn't learned to roll to his back.
Yesterday we took this video of Evan. It shows how strong he is getting. The funny thing is he can't even sit up on his own yet, nor can he stay balanced on his own when you do sit him up.

Maren and I think Evan is starting to laugh.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ward Slip and Slide

Happy Father’s day! As my first father’s day Maren and I are taking it easy today. She is making a Carrot Cake for me today. And I literally mean for me because she does not like carrot cake! Even though she just admitted to me that she might try one.

Yesterday our ward had a barbeque with a slip and slide. Some guys bought about 100 ft of plastic and ran some water on it. For all who don’t know where this is at. It is at Rock Canyon Park in Provo. These hill’s take some serious abuse during the year. From sledding in the winter time to Ice blocking in the summer, students have no end of creativity for new abuses on these hills. A few of the video’s that you will see express that we didn’t have enough plastic to come to a complete stop. I’m sure more than one person had to clean grass out of their shorts after the day was over. Still I am not alone in my sufferings from yesterday’s fun. Just about everyone has sore muscles, grass cuts, and bruises. I personally have about 30-40 cuts from the grass on my shoulder, stomach, back, and yes even my head! Every time I sneeze, cough, or laugh my stomach remains me of the fun I had on Saturday. My knees even have bruises. Between all of that I am having a fun time trying to figure out how to lift Evan without hurting or kneeling.

Maren and I decided that Evan should have some fun on the slide too. We took him down once and he responded like he did that kind of thing everyday. No smile, laugh, frown, cry, giggle, crossed his little face at any point on the slide. Maybe in a few more months he will enjoy going sledding with daddy.

Evan's Getting Big

Evan is doing rather well with sleeping habits. He has started to sleep through the night. Maren puts him to bed with a special self made routine of feeding, humming and rocking. He rarely cries when he goes to bed around 8-8:30pm. However a few times I have gotten up around 5am to check on him and he is just playing, having a good time playing and chopping down on his fingers. Sometime I seriously wonder what is going through his head. About the same time he discovered that his fingers are so darn yummy, he also decided that he doesn’t like the pacifier as much. He can hardly keep it in for more than 30 seconds before he spits it out and locks in the fingers. We tried to keep his fingers from his mouth for a little while, but then decided that he is going to do what he is going to do. Just like Heavenly Father tries to help us. If we are persistent, then he will let us do what we want even if it is not the best thing for us. Evan doesn’t really care what fingers are in his mouth. Usually it is his right hand pointer, and middle finger, but I have seen him try and get four fingers in at the same time.

In other exciting news! Evan learned to move his arm out of the way, so now he is rolling over. Maren and I were both there during lunch time to see it. We had left him on a blanket in our living room to go into the kitchen and eat. After about two minutes I came back into the living room and he was on his stomach. I asked Maren, “Did you roll him to his stomach when you left”? She said no, so we set up the camera, and he did it again. He seriously wouldn’t stop rolling over all day.
However the fun would come to an end and he had enough one night. His crying woke us up and I went into his room to see what was the matter. He had rolled to his stomach and started to drool. Apparently he doesn’t like his head in a puddle of drool and wanted let us know. Speaking of drool, it comes more often then a poopy diaper and with warning. Half the day he looks like he has been working up a sweat underneath his chin.