Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wouldn't you think...

It's almost over. One more semester down and maybe a break for next semester.
I would hope so.
Thursday night I came down with a cold, after working hard all week long, little sleep and most likely not getting the nutrition I needed... No wonder my immune system failed to distroy the sore throat before it took me down.
Currently I am setting up the desktop again because it was requested of me. Maren is wanting something that runs a little faster to do whatever she wants to do. I am sure we will have to find her something next year. It's nice having duel core, duel screen. Nothing lags. Sweet.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Egg were Screaming!

As every semester comes to an end every student thinks back to the things they have learned. Asking, "Am I ready to take the final exams?" Yes I am so so so ready to be done for this semester. I haven't had much of a break in over a year now because of going to summer school. I am ready to be done with the 20 sum odd credits that I need for my degree. Two years left at the pace that I am going. Turtle Turtle Turtle.
Sometimes my professor decides to give assignments for my blog. This in particular intrigued me. He said, "Find someone more stressed than you and then do something nice for them". It was funny to see the classes reaction. Nobody seemed to think that there was anyone more stressed then themselves and i admit that I am one of the people that believed that there is no one more stressed than me right now.
As I set to the assignment, with all the other many assignments that I have to do this weekend I thought to myself who is more stressed than me. A few ideas that crossed my mind was;
A co-worker that just got married, watched her husband come in at four in the morning because he was out doing a group project.
Then it struck me. I have a friend that is stressed more than me and the truth is that I know it. The hero of a father has three kids; ages 8, 3 and 6 months. He has a full load of 14 credits and he works full time. His wife is a stay at home mom that has a her own home based business.
I learned a long time ago that It was not wise for me to take more than 12 credits and work part time. How he is doing it I don't know, maybe he is make of stronger stuff than me. I decided that I wanted to do something nice for him and his family. So I called him up on a Thursday night after I got off work. It turned out that he was taking a nap because he knew he was going to be up late writing a paper so I spoke with his wife. I asked what they were doing for dinner that night. They said they didn't have plans so I bought some pizza from Papa Johns and went over to his house. We all enjoyed pizza and conversation for a little more than an hour and a half. During the conversations I heard him say that he was craving the garlic sauce from Papa Johns and that this really hit the spot. I was nice to know that what I had done was appreciated. He also shared a funny story and now the punch line of that story is now the title of this post.
I have to admit it was one of the less stressful things that I did this weekend and in a way I relieved a little bit of stress so I can finish a few of my assignments.
If you haven't heard a sigh of relief yet... call me up after the new year. When this semester is over my stress doesn't end. I still have a really big life test to pass at my work. I have to ensure that my inventory is down to less than two percent. That test is on January 3rd.