Monday, June 30, 2014

The 400th Mile

It was nearly 7am on a Saturday June 28th. I strapped on the heart rate monitor, shoes and powered up the running apps. I took off on my slow trot and slowly worked myself into a pace that is more to my liking. In the back of my mind I'm thinking, "I have just enough time to run, do plyometrics, shower, dress, pick up Tyson and drive to Scout training in Orem". I did go well. I averaged 8:23/mile for 8 miles- perfect down to the lake and back in just under 67 minutes.
I've been running since May 1st of 2013. I've ran a total of 1060 miles. 412 of those miles have been this year. In the month of June I ran 18 times totaling 78.6 miles while averaging 8:49/mile.
A year ago I could barely run 4 miles without needing to walk.
Run low 7 Minute miles for workout pace
Run a 5K in less than 20:00 (6:30/mile)
Run a 10K 40:00 (6:30/mile)
Run a Half Marathon (1hr:45minutes) (7:00/mile)
Run a Marathon (3hr:30minutes) (7:30/mile)

Or course I realize it will take years to get to these levels without injury, but I will run one marathon just to say that I did it. Now.... which one? St. George, Ogden, Utah Valley? I have not decided.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Property Line Fire

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Logan County Cruise In

A fun little tradition that Logan has on the 4th of July weekend is called the Cruise In. This is where cars of all types, makes and models are paraded down main street. The city shuts down Main Street and vehicles that have been pre-registered get to show off their classic or custom vehicles. This is the third year that I attended and the first year that I was told to take pictures. So I took several pictures of cars that I liked, and a few that I thought others would like. Logan City is a cute little town that has grown from a pure agricultural town. With this event starting a 30 minutes late Evan grew rather restless. However this video partly shows his excitement once it started. While we were waiting Evan said he wanted to go potty. Just before it started Evan said he had to go again... which made us miss the beginning. Sad. It took about 30 minutes for all the cars to cycle around. I got most of these pictures on the return trip.