Friday, October 24, 2008

Teething and Boxes

Evan is getting big. He's a funny little kid that loves his parents and we love him too. He recently started teething and so far he has two teeth. Together those teeth have quite an impact when he chomps down on your finger.

Maren and I decided to test the theory that children love boxes. It's true, they provide hours of fun for them. Between two boxes Evan has inhabited one for a period of time and the other he has taken up traveling. He's moved it from the kitchen to the living room and then back to the kitchen.
Seriously sometimes I think of Evan as a child pinball. The kid moves with lightening speed from one side of the house to the other within seconds, just to head off to another side a few minutes later.
Evan is more likely to end up like his Dad if he keeps it up. He may find himself in a harness whenever we go out.