Monday, April 21, 2008


Maren and I wanted to post a few pictures on how Evan's lip surgery turned out. His lip is looking good and he is already feeding again, but he's already learned that his lip is a little sensitive. Still feeding again is a great sign, but the hospital still wants to keep him over night just to make sure everything is okay. Please keep him in your prayers!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lip from the Lion

Looking at photo albums from my childhood, I've always thought that parents loved to torture their kids in photos. Well I guess we're carrying on the tradition. Today was Evan's last day before his cleft lip surgery. We decided to dress him up in the halloween costume that Grandma Miner gave us. As Grandpa Miner sang, upon meeting Evan for the first time... "I am the king of the forest" (sung like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz). We just think he's a precious little guy!

We've had a fun time watching Evan grow. I have returned to work and Duane is finishing the winter semester at BYU. For the past couple of weeks, Evan has been able to join his daddy in attending some of Duane's classes. When they're not at class, Evan gets to do two of his favorite things... 1)Hang out with his daddy and 2)scream like crazy. Ok... he doesn't scream like least not too often. Actually, he's a pretty good baby. He's not overly fussy at this point. However, we'll see what happens this upcoming week. Evan has his lip surgery on Monday (4/21/08) and then he gets his 2 month shots on Thursday (4/24/08). It's going to be a rough week for our little guy!

Between the two un-fun events, he will get to meet Grandma Tucker for the first time. She will be arriving for a visit sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday. We're so excited for her to meet Evan! We know he's excited too. Hanging out with a grandma is so much more fun than with boring mom and dad! While Grandma and Grand-Daddy Tucker are visiting, Evan will get his baby blessing at church. We're all excited for that!

Everyday is a new adventure for our little family. We love our little Evan! Each day he gives us new reasons to smile.

Being new parents isn't easy, but we're enjoying our time together! With all the fun and the not-so-fun experiences, Duane an I are learning to really appreciate all that our parents did for us! To them we want to say, "We love you so much and thank you for all you have done! You are wonderful!"

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Baby Aerobics

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Super Baby