Thursday, May 22, 2008

After the Surgery

Our little Evan has been growing lots and lots! About a week and a half after his surgery, Evan went from eating 3oz. to eating around 5oz. per feeding! I guess he's making up for lost time now that he has better suction. He's healing extremely well. Dr Warnock said that his lip may continue to be tender for up to 6 months. Poor little guy! He's getting better at not hitting himself in the face with those crazy arms of his. He's starting to be more careful about how quickly he sticks his fingers into his mouth.

He has also started sleeping A LOT BETTER at night. In Fact, he slept through the whole night, twice!! (cue the Halleluiah Chorus) Maybe he was just giving us a preview of future sleeping habits. We can hope!

Good News!!! Duane got a Fulltime job with BYU! This means that I will get to be at home with Evan Fulltime! Unfortunately, both Evan and I are sick with colds right now. I guess that means we'll have to take an extra nap (hopefully) each day! Duane may be catching the cold bug as well. Hmm... maybe it is true that if mom gets sick, everyone catches it!

I'm bushed! Could you please leave me alone for a few minutes!

I'm Hungry! Feed Me! You will not like me when I get mad!